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Potential disruptions and game changers or really brilliant, well-founded and sustainable approaches to solving the most pressing problems can be found primarily in basic research at universities.


SIC is the result of two years of intensive debate and work.


The question is why we in Europe are not able to transform valuable findings from basic scientific research quickly, easily and as directly as possible into economic application and thus into a stable, continuous impact.


And thus to bring solutions to life that open up and use new markets, niches and perspectives. Information on the previous research project can be found here:

We MOONPUNKS are a very ambitious society, which has developed from an interdisciplinary hyper network into a multinational, open High Performance Community.  

With the innovation method  MOONSHOT, devised and developed by the MOONPUNKS founders Elvira Pöschko and Gerhard Hofer, we provide industry, research and society  with a revolutionary precision tool for individual innovation acceleration.

Elvira Pöschko, Founder

Gerhard Hofer, Founder


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